How to Export Leaves to Your Calendar

Flamingo gives you the ability to add leaves to various calendar apps.

What leaves will be in the calendar ?

Admins can see all leaves for the organization in their own Flamingo calendar feed. 

For a regular user who is not an admin or team manager, they will only see their own leaves and not the leaves for the rest of the team.

If you wish for regular users to see all leaves for the organization and not just their own leaves, you can share either the admin or team manager's calendar feed with them.

Where to find your Calendar feed link?

You can find the link to your own calendar in two locations. In the Flamingo timeline and in your Flamingo Slack app.

Flamingo Timeline

Click the "Calendar Feed" button from here when signed in -
Then simply click the "Copy" button that appear on the modal.

Flamingo Slack App

First, from the "Home" tab in the Flamingo Slack app, hit the "Add to Calendar" button.

Copy the link that shows up here:

Adding Leaves to Google Calendar

In Google Calendar, go to your calendar settings. 

From here, go to "Add calendar" > "From URL".

Paste the link from Flamingo here.

Hit "Add calendar" to finish.

-- Please note The Google Calendar can take a few hours to update when a leave is added or changed. It can take over 24 hours for Google to update the calendar.

Adding Leaves to Outlook Calendar

Open your Outlook Calendar.
Click "Add Calendar" text.

From the window that opens, click "Subscribe from web" and enter your calendar link from Flamingo.

Make sure to give your calendar a name and fill out any relevant details. Then click "Import" at the bottom.

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