Slack Notifications Channel

With Flamingo, you will have the option to choose a Slack channel that Flamingo will send notifications to. This is useful for letting your colleagues know about team members that have upcoming leaves and when they are ending their leaves. The notifications are sent at 9:00 PM the day before a leave starts and at 9:00 PM the day before a leave ends. This allows you and your team members to stay up to speed on days off and plan accordingly.

This can be a channel you already have set up, or you can set up your own channel in Slack specifically for Flamingo notifications.

Public Channel

You can change the Slack channel by going to "Teams" from the dropdown on the top right of your screen.

 Just look for the 3 vertical dots to reveal the "Options" dropdown next to the team you want to edit. Then click on the "Settings" section for each individual team.

From here, you will be able to select the channel from the "Slack Notifications" area.

Private Channel

To add the Flamingo notifications to a private Slack channel, you will first need to give permission for Flamingo to view the private channel. Once the Flamingo app has been added to your Slack app, you will be able to use the "Public Channel" guide above to start sending notifications.
First, go to your Slack app and click on the Flamingo app in your app area.

Next, click on the Flamingo text with the down arrow.

Then on the screen that pops up, click on the "Add this app to a channel" button. Now you can select your private channel from the dropdown list.

Once selected, just click the "Add" button.

Now, you can choose this channel within the Flamingo app by following the "Public Channel" guide at the top of this page.

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