How to Set a Slack Status

With Flamingo you can set a status and emoji for your leave policies. This means when a user goes on a leave, their Slack status will change to reflect the leave they have taken. This helps to keep other team members updated about who is currently on leave.

To turn this feature on, first head to "Settings".

Then click on "Leave Policy".

Now click your chosen leave policy, and click the toggle to turn on the "Set Slack Status" feature. Below that you can pick an emoji and edit your own status message if needed.

Please note - If you are on a Slack paid plan, and you created the Slack workspace as the primary owner, Flamingo can set the Slack status for everyone in your workspace. 

But if you are an admin or there are admins in your team who are not the primary owner of the Slack workspace when you created the Flamingo account, then Flamingo can only set a Slack status for regular users. In order to set the Slack status for the Slack admins in your Flamingo account, these admins will have to log in to the Flamingo web app to allow the permission.

To do this, they can visit enter their Slack workspace details, and then log in to the Flamingo web app by clicking the green "Allow" button which will grant the required permission to set the Slack status.

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