How To Fix "error code: invalid_state"

When trying to install Flamingo to your Slack workspace, you might get the error message "invalid_state". There are a few steps you can take to fix this.

Some troubleshooting tips

Please be aware that only Slack workspace admins can add Flamingo to Slack - Adding Flamingo to Slack

If Flamingo is already added to your Slack workspace, you do not need to install Flamingo again for each user. Instead, just ask a Flamingo admin to invite you as a user to Flamingo - How To Add More Users To Flamingo Trying to add Flamingo to Slack when it has already been added could cause this error code.

If you are a Slack admin and Flamingo has not been added to your Slack workspace already, please ensure you are using the correct link to add Flamingo -

Problems, or questions? Please feel free to contact our support here.

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