How To Set Per-User Leave Policies or Public Holidays (“Overrides”)

If you want to adjust a single user's leave policy, then you can use the "Overrides" feature.

This has many uses and provides customization of a single user's available leaves. Now you can set a per user leave policy. For example, if a user needs a different amount of leaves from the rest of the team, you will be able to do this with the overrides feature.

To use this feature, click on the user in your timeline. Then on the slide-in that appears, click the User profile text button -

Now click the "Overrides" text. You'll be able to set the specific policy you need from here. 

Here you will be able to adjust the users -

  • Work week
  • Public holidays
  • Individual leave policy.

After saving, you will know which user has overrides by opening the User Profile again and checking the text under the user's name -

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