What is Flamingo?

Flamingo is an app to handle time off requests within Slack. 

With Flamingo, you can request time off from work without leaving your Slack workspace, and team leaders can approve or deny these requests with one click.

Here's what to know if you're a member of a workspace that's using Flamingo.

How to Request Leave

You can request time off with the Flamingo bot on Slack. You'll find this in the "Apps" menu in the sidebar on Slack.

From here, just hit "Request Leave", fill in the dates for your leave request, and the type of leave you're requesting.

You can check the "Messages" tab for any updates regarding your leave request.

Flamingo will send you a message to confirm your request has been sent to a manager, and then another message once your request has been answered.

Where Can I See My Leave Requests?

Go to the home tab of the Flamingo Slack app to see all of your past, upcoming and pending leave requests.

You can also see here how many outstanding days you have for the rest of the year in each leave category.

You can also export all your approved leaves to your calendar app of choice the Flamingo web app - https://app.helloflamingo.com/timeline

You can learn more about how to export leaves to your calendar in this article.

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